The complete range of Non-Woven for maximum comfort of the cemented shoes

Our Planet materials provide the maximum comfort to the cemented shoes, as they have a Low Evaporative Resistance (Ret) according to the UNI EN ISO 31092 standard, which allows to define the level of thermos physiological comfort the material can offer to the user.

The level of Ret of the insole made of Planet is half, compared to those of the cellulosic materials.

Furthermore, the Planet materials offer excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, they do not delaminate and are perfect for bonding. The insoles of the Planet range are ideal to produce mounted and cemented shoes.

Our DigoPlanets are available in a range of standard thicknesses ready in stock; on request, they can also be produced in different sizes and colors, both in sheets and rolls or “narrow rolls” (up to 25 cm wide) ideal for strips or “Plastak”.

Less evaporative resistance ret = Greater comfort

Perfect gluing and assembly with thermoplastic glue

Textile structure for high flexibility, breathability and moisture absorption

Resistant to repeated bending, even in wet environments, abrasion, and delamination.