EVA Injection Machine

This machine is particularly suitable for quality products in mass production for EVA. Suitable for molding any EVA product, from soles to slippers, sandals, up to technical industrial items, the machine is characterized by its versatility, besides its very high productivity. This machine is available in 6,8, 12 stations.


PU Pouring Machine

Pouring machine for unit soles or for direct injection onto uppers designed to be the right complement for rotary machines. In fact, it has the same feed and pouring units as rotary machines. It is particularly suitable for all productions requiring process management by the operator, such as small-scale production, sampling, or ends of orders in progress, high-quality products, even of a more complex nature, with inserts.

TPR Injection Machine

Suitable for the production of thermoplastic materials: TR, TPR, PVC, TPU (optional). • Compact, user-friendly machine, with concentrated electric box and hydraulic unit. • Extremely rigid closing unith with the hydraulic piston. • Optimum product quality constant through time. • Fast mold change on each station without having to stop the machine. • Automatic adjustment to the various mould heights.

MAIN GROUP Ross Cento Machine

ROSS/CENTO is the ideal machine for producing high quantity of unit-soles both in one and two colors, with different colors. The machine is equipped with 2 working stations and 4 injectors, 2 each station. It provides the E=extrusion version and the VP=piston-screw version, both with mould-holder clamping force of 100 tons or 150 tons.

MAIN GROUP Pregma PU-PU Injection Machine

  • This machine is use to do PU-PU Injection onto upper.
  • Mainly used for safety shoes, work boots, army hoes.
  • Available in 18-24-30 stations.
  • PU Single Density or PU-PU double density.
  • PU Injection and TPU pouring system also available in this machine.
  • Made in Italy.