From the natural latex the elasticity of the GEL

Open-cell GEL foam, with natural latex in water dispersion. Breathable and Super Elastic, L-GEL is a high-quality material that offers a great elastic yield for superior comfort even in very heavy applications.

Particularly suitable for insoles and footbeds of higher range, it is especially recommended for mountain and trekking shoes, high heels and, in general, for all cases where the comfort of the shoe depends mainly on the elastic yield of the material of the insole/footbed.

The brand-new GEL foam is also available in the Memory version, the L-Memory GEL, which combines the typical elasticity features of the GEL with the ability to self-mold to the shape of the foot, and then recover its initial condition when the shoe is not worn.

This offers the possibility to create footbeds of great comfort, as the material adapts to any type of foot.

Open-cell GEL foam with natural latex in water dispersion

Breathable and Super Elastic