Density Tester

This Densitometer is use to test density of Rubber, plastics, wire and cable, electrical appliances, sports equipment, tires, glass, hard alloy, new materials research laboratory.

DIN Abrassion Tester

DIN Type Abrasion Tester is to measure the abrasion resistance of rubbers (vulcanized thermoset rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) that are subject to abrasive/frictional wear in their actual service, such as tires, conveyor drive belts, and shoe soles.

Elastic Tape Fatigue Testing Machine

Elastic Tape Fatigue Testing Machine is mainly suitable for the repeated extension Performance of elastic fabrics and elastic bands under the specified extension length, and can also be used to evaluate the fatigue performance of any malleable material.

Foam Density Testing Machine

The machine can read directly those parameter: volume density, apparent density and wet density of various kinds of polymers such as sponge, foam, packing material and buffer material and volume, opening volume, closed cell volume, closed gap rate, water absorption rate, expansion rate, quality and volume change rate.

Leather Softness Test

This product is to test the softness of the leather, to gain the information that whether the same lot of leather with the same softness or whether all parts of the single piece with the same softness.

IULTCS.IUP 136, ISO 17235

Leather Flex

This machine applies to the scratching resistance test of leather, lining, fabric and the similar material at room temperature.
The machine according to test standards: test method is one side face of the sample as the inner surface and the other side face as the outside surface and bend this surface back and forth, write down the times that the sample have broken; or set the breakage time, then take it out and observe the degree it broken.

Shoe Flex-Front Heel

This machine is used to test the bending resistance of finished shoes and soles. The test principle is to observe the damage of shoes and soles after a certain angle and a certain number of bending times, or to check the degree of cracks, in order to improve the quality.

Full Shoe Flex Tester

This machine is designed for measuring the resistance of shoes of all kinds to flex. It determines the fatigue durability and service life of shoes by simulating the walking state of a person. This machine features simple operation, reasonable design, rigidity and durability, low noise and easy maintenance.