Auto Stitching Machine

This machine is used for pattern stitching for shoe upper, hand bags, belts etc. Easy positioning fabric/leather. If you want to change width, number of stitches, can be done easily through control panel. LCD touch-operated controller, 7.5” screen. Automatic thread break alarm, break needle proof cover. Electromagnetic clamp can be digital-setting the tensile of thread clamping.

Flat Bed Single/Double Needle Stitching Machine

This single (two) needle flat-bed machine is equipped with an extra-large vertical hook housing. This machine is suitable for sewing problematic materials that has slippery or tacky surfaces and can join several plies of thickness well without inter-ply shifting. Large vertical sewing hook with a 60% larger bobbin thread capacity than standard size hooks.

Post Bed Single/Double Needle Stitching Machine

This compound feed machine works with upper roller, lower wheel and needle feeding synchronized, ensuring smooth sewing at all times, even when joining other materials for overlap sewing. Needle feeding ensures constant supply of thin and thick material, no matter it moves straight forward or makes turns. Suitable for sewing spongy materials, no crinkle or transform will occur instead the stitch is very smooth and neat. Easy maintenance and long service life.

Cylinder Bed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

This machine is suitable for sewing medium and heavy materials as well as general leather goods of a wide range from handbag, leather shoes, to sports shoes.

Free cylinder bed which enables easy movement of bulky or tubular work pieces. Easy handling even on materials with rough, slippery or tacky surfaces. Smooth sewing when joining several plies of different thickness. Suitable for outside piping operation when equipped with folder attachment.

High Post Bed Single/Double Needles Lockstitch Sewing Machine

High post bed and compound feed design suitable for sewing three-dimensional articles smoothly such as bag cap. Boots. Tents and cushions etc. Being equipped with spring return reverse lever type feed mechanism for convenient operation. Big hook not only provides perfect uniformed stitching but also assures efficient work. Special designed post bed suitable for limited corner stitching and extra tubules slender articles.